User Rating: 3 | Mirror's Edge PC
Those without OCD need not apply.

This game looked absolutely gorgeous a few years ago when in development. I could hardly wait for it to come out. Now that it has been out, purchased, installed and sitting on my harddrive for almost a year.. I have given up on it.

Graphics: 10/10.
Best aspect of game, by far.

Sound: 9/10.
Can not complain about sound either. A bit more ambient city sounds would be nice, but overall very good.

Story: -/-
I did not got very far so i cant say much here.

Control: 8/10.
There is nothing wrong with controls. Mouse+keyboard or gamepad work fine. Realistic movements and overall good response.

Gameplay: 1/10.
Here is where this game starts sucking. Horrible horrible game design. Somethings are best left for real world, u just cant put them in game. I lost count how many times i died because of frustrating trial-and-error-and-fail-and-die nature.

Longevity: 0/10.
Training levels were fun. Jumping around city roofs with fluid motions was a rush. Actual game however.. I lost my patience after dying around 60 times in less than an hour. Removed the game, threw the dvd into garbage after breaking it in two.

Overall: 3/10.
Could be used as good graphic demonstration or sorta expensive screensaver, if they ever release that mod. Gameplay is broken.