A real masterpiece by Dice a game with a huge difference definitely worth playing

User Rating: 8.5 | Mirror's Edge PS3
Mirrors edge is set in like a not to far future city with high raised buildings, where the government now watch pretty much what everyone does, to get messages from under the government and police people hire runner, who use the rooftops as a highway to get messages across. The story takes place as you playing as a girl called faith, whose sister has just been framed for a murder she didn't do. Faith takes it in to her own hands to prove her Innocents. She uncovers more than she expects anyway here is the review.

Gamesplay- The game involves you running the rooftops and other areas in the city, The levels are usually on rooftops or in building where you have to run and jump over obstacles to get to the end of the level. This involves running, ducking, rolling, wall running and jumping. It may sound kind of hard and I guess it could be hard to begin with, but it comes quite easily after time. It may also seem kind of confusing to know where to go, luckily objects you need to go through which show the way are highlighted red, you can also hold O to face the direction you need to go.

In the game you will run into enemies, Most of them are armed with guns, you can disarm them, or fight them unarmed, and you can then take their weapon and use it. This will slow you down but helps you fight off other enemies. You will get a trophy if you complete the game without shooting anyone which is pretty easy.

The game also has time trials where you can do certain runs on stages, doing these can earn you up to three stars depending on your time, and to be honest they are very difficult you'd really have to know what the best routes and take different and unobvious routes to get the quickest times.

Graphics- The graphics in this game are amazing truly revolutionary. The graphics are really well done with great designs and great use of colours.

Sound- the sound effects and voices are really good, the only thing that I'd say is wrong is that sometimes the gunfire sounds very loud. The music is actually very good when its playing but its mainly ambient sound.

Summary- definitely worth playing, I bought it on release and recently I have noticed you can get it pretty cheap so it's definitely worth buying

+ Great game play
+ Great graphics

- Some jumps acan be annoying
- Some areas on hard can be very difficult
- Time trails can be difficult
- Too short