A really unique game with amazing graphics!

User Rating: 9 | Mirror's Edge PC
I just bought this game without even reading the official review, and I have no regrets buying it either!

Story: I really like the storyline, it's really attracting.Although when I started to play this game, I do not know exactly what is the game about, but after playing it for a few days, I started to know exactly what is this game about!

Gameplay: The gameplay is pretty much fun and interesting.You can either use the Tips button when you are lost, or just use your own ways to play through the game.Plus, with the help of Runner-Vision, I can easily pass each chapter, although, sometimes the Runner-Vision would be "useless" for me as I can find a better way to pass through each chapter.After playing the Story mode, you can challenge yourself for a Race mode.It contains Speed Run and Time Trial.There is also a Leaderboards which you can view who's the top score in Speed Run and Time Trial.After you have completed the Story mode, treat yourself nicely by viewing Unlockables, which contain the Artwork, Videos and Musics of the game!

Graphics: The graphics is simply Amazing! This is the most important reason why I buy this game.It is one of the most beautiful graphics game ever to date! With the use of PhysX, the mirror will be exactly like real mirror, with nice reflection! Even without PhysX enabled, the game still looks good!

Cons: Although I really like this game, I just feel that this game is just way too short.

Overall, this is a really good game that every gamer should buy!