Mirror's edge isn't as graceful as you'd hope, but it can still be thrilling at times.

User Rating: 7.5 | Mirror's Edge PC
Mirror's Edge is a bizarre and very unique hybrid, think Prince of Persia but with guns instead of swords, and in a first person perspective. Set in a bizarre future (I can't call it "Orwellian" but Big Brother definitely has a presence here), you play as Faith, a "runner" that opposes the government and spouts out random and annoyingly pretentious comments. Being called a runner is apt, as that is what you will be doing most of this game. Running across buildings and taking extreme leaps of faith, often with something that wants to kill you on your trail.

The biggest problem in Mirror's Edge is the perspective, while it's possibly the most realistic "first person" view ever given (With real human eye constraints, peripheral vision, etc.) this is it's Achilles heel. Considering that there are thousands of places you can fall to your death, being in the first person can lead to frustration. You never know if you're going to fall and the game has a habit of deciding how close or even, in an odd and very annoying glitch, far you have to be to successfully hit a platform. Due to your limited vision, you could do a 360 degree turn and instantly fall to your doom. Look at other games that emphasize speed and acrobatics- lets say the *original* Sonic the Hedgehog games and of course the aforementioned Prince of Persia series (Any of them, except PoP 3D) These games are in the third person, and while there are tons of falls to your doom, you can see 90% of them and have time to react to them. Here you can see maybe 5% of them. Sure in PoP some might be hidden out of view, and in Sonic you may have to slow down sometimes to avoid enemies or obstacles, you can guess when to do this. Mirrors Edge is so frantic and the limited vision means you have no time to react to just about anything, even in the games ironically named "Reaction time." Reaction Time actually makes thins even harder, the only time you will use this is for disarming opponents in the dismal combat sequences. Using it when trying to run is much like running, then slowing down, but a wall flies at you and smacks you anyways. You're given even less time to react in reaction time, which defeats the purpose. Much of the games success relies on pattern memorization, and due to the games many glitches or maybe just poor programming, sometimes even your patterns will fail you.

Despite all the negativity in the previous paragraph, Mirror's Edge IS a good game. The thing is, Mirror's edge isn't as graceful as you'd hope, but it can still be thrilling at times. Making platforms and other jumps successfully and then moving at high speeds can be quite exhilarating, but that only makes it all the more annoying when you are given a false platform or you overlooked a pitfall.

The game looks good, and the strangely soothing white, red, orange, and blue aesthetic is striking and beautiful, the only negative I will give the graphics is the fact that bloom can sometimes blind you or fill in an invisible platform between white buildings.

With all it's faults, ME can be fun, but it's a little disappointing that it has so many problems.