Never played a game like this before.

User Rating: 9 | Mirror's Edge PC
I never got the time to give this game what it deserved: time. Well, this game is a true jewel and you should enjoy thoroughly.
You are Faith, a runner in a futuristic city. Your primary objective is to save your sister, Kate, who has been framed for murdering a politician. So you must do whatever is possible to save your sister and to catch all those who have plotted this frame.
The gameplay is concerned with jumping. Jumping from building to building, from ledge to building and from ledge to ledge, you progress. There are also some shooting parts. You can take your enemies' weapons and shoot them. But you must be careful Faith dies pretty fast if shot. There are some boss fights and you must move quickly as hell in order to bring your adversary down.
The soundtrack is wonderful and the graphics concerns only bright colours like white, orange, red and blue. Let's say red is the hint. It can help you if you don't know what to do. You have also the alt key which can lead you.
Great puzzles.