If you looked up the definition of the word "frustrating" in the dictionary it would say Mirrors Edge.

User Rating: 2 | Mirror's Edge PC

I'm gonna narrow this review into 2 parts.

1. Repetitive


1. This game repeats the SAME EXACT cycle:

Climb on stuff, go inside of a building, fight enemies. Lather, rinse, repeat. Basically all you do is look for super obvious poles or pipes to climb on and then get frustrated every time you fall off of them. The combat is also the same every time. You hide behind something, wait for a cop to walk over to you, punch them fifty million times until they die, take their gun and blindfire enemies.

2. This is the kind of game that expects me to kill an enemy with my fists, take their gun, and shoot 5 more juggernauts from across a room. Oh and did I mention you can't aim your gun. All you get is a small reticle that is impossible to aim with.

That narrows it down for you Mirrors Edge is GABBAGE! DON"T PLAY IT!