Some parts are fun, but it falls short of it's potential.

User Rating: 7 | Mirror's Edge PC
When the initial reviews came out for this game I decided to wait and I am happy I did, as I picked up a retail copy for $5 BNIB from an online store. And at $5 it's easily worth playing and looking past it's shortfalls.

When things flow and you are running and jumping along, which is what this game is about, it is quite fun. Everything from the controls to how your weighted and balanced your character is all done very well. But these instances do not last long. There are a few sections that had me doing the same thing over and over and over and that got pretty annoying. Also combat is pretty weak. I would perform flying scissor kicks and floor sweeps only to be met with the butt of a gun to the head or knocked out of the air. Guns are needed maybe once or twice but usually you are encouraged to avoid gun fights, separate your attackers and melee them one at a time. This is fine and dandy but the combat controls never seemed to respond well and as I said even when they did it didn't seem to matter.

As you probably know the cut scenes are flash movies as opposed to 3D renderings. This is a bad production choice and feels like they were done simply because it was quicker and easier than creating fully rendered 3D scenes.

The environments are definitely one of the biggest highlights of this game. On my PC I have PhysX enabled which adds a bit more realism. The cityscapes are beautiful and the polished urban settings are a nice fresh change from wastelands and spaceship corridors found in so many FPS games.

I think with some polish and tightened up combat this game could have really shined. I would like to see longer strings of running and jumping as well. And let's not skimp on the cut scenes EA... it just makes you look cheap. With a sequel on the way we can only hope EA decides to invest some time into making this IP what it truly could have been in its debut.