Nice game, although many people hate some of the songs and shows like HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL.

Hey you fans of Disney Channel finallt here is a game that you shall definitive love!
The game has a nice and easy gameplay very similar to the others Dance Dance Revolution games.
The graphics are not the best that have shown up at the PS2.
Totally remarkable if you like Dance Dance Revolution games.
And yet it has the same level of fun of the other series games.
Perhaps some gamers should think it´s very aesy and for kids, but you can have fun with this game.
Let the rhytm inside yer body man!. Get into the groove.
But the game does not have a lot of challenge and replay value.
You can enjoy hits song like "Cant take my eyes out of you", and many others directly from Disney Channel Series and Original Movies!!
No very significant unlock bonus content
HOWEVER..... If you hate HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, HANNA MONTANA, and Disney Channel Shows. Get out of it!