Minigore Cheats For iPhone/iPod

  1. Insane Mode

    After starting the level, Run to the North-West portion of the map and stand in the circle with the X in it for a few seconds. This will spawn a skull, touching the skull will trigger Insane Mode

    Contributed by: Robin_Dude 

  2. Achievements

    By completing certain objectives in the game, you'll unlock special awards and titles.

    Code Effect
    Unlock Jerry Gore. I Don't Remember This Forest
    Unlock Zombieville. Braindeath
    Unlock Hook Champ. Hooked
    Unlock Sway's Lizzy. Lizardous
    Unlock Sway's Ninja Man. Stealthy Moves
    Unlock Evan Hsu. What's My Tagline?
    Unlock Enviro-Bear. Environmentally Friendly
    Unlock Xmas Gore. Merry Christmas
    Unlock Sensei Evan. Hardgore
    Get the character pack containing Gangster Gore and Kid Gore. Minigore Supporter
    Get the holiday-themed character pack containing Santa. Theme Collector

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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Walkthrough Walkthrough by alex_ph 6K