Fun, addictive, old-school

User Rating: 9 | Minecraft WEB
Minecraft is hard to describe. A player will start the game with nothing, plopped down into a procedurally generated level. Provided one doesn't look at a walk through the next few hours will be filled with exploration and discovery.

The player has to gather materials and use them to create anything and everything. Shelter, weapons, tools, and food. All while watching your back for monsters, zombies, spiders, and slimes. As the sun sets on the first night so many scenarios can play out. Is there light to see in the dark? Will these walls keep monsters out? What was that noise?

Currently in alpha the game has no actual objectives. No scores, achievements, experience points, etc. Learning how to do everything is fun and rewarding without the game explaining this to you. Seeing your small hut grow into a castle is the progression. Filling your storage chest with treasures and items you made might as well be the scoreboard.

The possessions and creations are given more value when you realize you can lose them. Death has consequences and certain enemies can and can destroy your creations. Finding a diamond at the bottom of the earth creates a sense of joy I hadn't felt in a game in so long. Dying to a lava pool minutes later feels crushing but not hopeless.

It's an amazing experience for what little there actually is. The game does so much with so little but provides the player with tools to create an amazing experience. Nothing from the mainstream big publishers have provided something like this in so long.

All of this in a alpha build of a game made by one guy.