Very interesting and addictive adventure game.

User Rating: 10 | Minecraft WEB
This game is awesome. The graphics are perfect for the game because the creators wanted a little game but a complex one.
I like the surviving thing and the fact that you can mine for Coal/Iron/Gold/Red-stone/Diamond etc.
Another great fact at this game is that you can make your own shelter / house and you can do lots of other things like hunting which can give you some meat from the pig, leather from cows etc.
Overall it's a very interesting and addictive adventure games and it's worth playing.
Another great thing is that there is lava in some mines which makes the game a little difficult because if you enter the lava you're on fire and you're losing fast health. The fire will go off eventually or if you enter the water.
There are also 4 Difficulty levels:
Peaceful: Does not include monsters, Health Re-Generation.
Easy: Low amount of monsters. No health re-generation
Normal: You lose more health than on Easy, Middle amount of monsters and no health re-generation.
Hard: The hardest, No Health re-generation, Lots of monsters during the night like spiders, skeletons and lots of zombies in caves, and the monsters do bigger damage than on easier difficulties.
It is a great game and it's worth playing if you like adventure and survival.