Mine craft review(read this if you have mine craft)

User Rating: 8 | Minecraft (Classic) PC
OK this is legend gamer, and this is a review on mine craft.
A sandbox(open world) building game which is a hit nowadays because of its fun game play. For the last 1 week i was playing this and what i found is that this game is like playing with toys.It is a 3d world game which allows you to build buildings and they all look like blocks. wow first when i saw this it had bad graphics but then after playing it 2 to 3 hours i felt like was in the game. funniest thing in this game is that the monsters looks weird.everything in this is made up of cubes(makes me mad some times).but you get three types of game play modes survival, hardcore and creative. I took survival mode first to fight more monsters. I really like the game although it looks idiotic. so i recommend you guys to get this game on your PC because of its fantastic game play and only because of the game play i am giving this a good 8.0/10