An amazing game perfect for all ages. Building/surviving. Highly addictive. You imagination is the limit of this game.

User Rating: 9.5 | Minecraft (Classic) PC
Highly outstanding game great for all ages if they crave a building/survival game. I highly recommend this game to anyone interested in this type of game. This game takes the player on a continuous journey to defeat a special boss known as the "Ender-Dragon". After defeating the dragon there will be a conversation with a length of at least 4-8 minutes long. After the text has passed the player will be returned to their home environment, there they will continue to build and find more challenges along their journey in the world they had previously been in before entering the Ender Realm. They must also be aware of all that goes on in the only other realm, the Nether Realm. Filled with creatures of darkness. This realm does not have a special boss to face, nor any credits after the departure of the realm. When they return they continue to build and survive in the world of Minecraft.