The Chaos Vanguard is recruiting active minecraft players!

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Hey everyone!

I'm IIzDaFury from The Chaos Vanguard and i'm currently setting up a minecraft section in our communtiy.


We are based off teamspeak and we have over 400+ applicants on our website and over 60+ active daily on our teamspeak server!

Now we are looking to expand into a minecraft divison and so we are looking to recruit active minecraft players who are tired of playing alone or would like to find new friends to play with.

We provide Minecraft servers that our members can input their ideas onto to help us make a better server and a better community!

We allow our members to host their own minecraft servers and will on some occasions advertise them for their own benefits.

We are a very friendly community and are always looking for new members to hope on our teamspeak and play with us =)

What servers do we host?

We are currently hosting only 1 server that we are partnered with if you all would want to check it out!

Heres our current server ip's :


- Feel free to check it out with custom build epic map and custom minigames for everyone to enjoy!

*Note more servers will be added over time*

How can you join?

First you must be at least 18+ to join our community and then you simply connect to our teamspeak server and poke a admin or moderator who will put you through our recruitment process.

Their is no website signing up or anything that is long and boring it's quick and easy to join!

Our teamspeak IP is:

Hope to see you all ingame!