Stratosphere Survival Map 1.6.4

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You were sent here with a simple goal, to find the location of former agent 843.

He was sent undercover to work in the Stratosphere Facility, as a simple “Warden”.

But in the Stratosphere, Nothing is as it seems. The entire area is used as a tourist destination. But, once, each of the islands were connected to earth, until a cataclysmic event placed them in their current position. The plane is scheduled to land on 3 of the islands, and is approaching the first.

Your mission is simple, wait until the plane passes over the Jungle Of Secrets, and escape.

The facility lies deep inside the island, and was the last known location of 843 before contact was lost.

You close you briefcase, and look anxiously out of the window. The plane is approaching the first stop.

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