Sildurs’s Shaders Mod 1.6.4/1.6.2

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Sildurs’s Shaders Mod 1.6.4

Installation Sildurs’s Shaders Mod

Download Karyonix latest glsl version.

Download and install the latest forge version.

Create a new profile, and choose forge as release. Now run minecraft and close it.

Move the downloaded .jar from Karyonix thread in to the mods folder.

Download this Fps-plus mod: link not as fast as optifine but at least compatible with GLSL mod.

Delete the Meta-inf folder from the forge.jar

Move the .class file from Fps-plus mod in to the forge.jar

Press “edit profile” activate JVM arguments, remove everything and add that in -Dfml.ignoreInvalidMinecraftCertificates=true -Dfml.ignorePatchDiscrepancies=true

Now run Minecraft and have fun!

(Optional) Download this animation mod for 1.6.2 and move the .class files in to the forge.jar. Activate knees and shoulders in the config of the mod.

Download here :