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Introducing sConCraft! A high quality UK hosted SMP server! We strive to provide an enjoyable game play experience for all our players, whether you enjoy surviving in the wilds, leveling up your skills with various tools or abilities, becoming a master of economy, living in towns and cities, exploring and pve combat or testing your pvp skills in an arena death match or even just playing on a creative zone, we have something to offer you! Our admins pride themselves on running a professional server and we hope you wouldn't expect anything less from us.We interact with our players at all times, monitor our plugins and fix any issues ASAP, and we constantly work to improve our spawn town, which is a great place for new players to learn the ropes or for everyone to just chill out in when they fancy a break. Our server is suitable for players of all ages and has a small list of easy to follow rules. donators and people who support the server receive special (but fair) ranks and abilities and we always recognise helpful and dedicated players. So log in today via, bring your friends or make some new ones as you start building your new world! Click the following to see a handful of screenshots showing some of the features of our server: F.A.QWhen is the server most active? We are a UK server so the busiest times to play are from 4pm-10pm GMT during the week and all day weekends. What is the minimum age for your server? Our server is suitable for all ages and we ask players to respect the fact that there could be younger members online. Can I have creative mode? YES! We have a creative world within our server for those who want to fly and build epic things. Can I have op or admin status We have enough admins right now, but showing dedication and being a good all round player can't hurt your chances for the future. What if I don't like pvp? We have a pvp toggle so if you don't want to be engaged you can turn off pvp. No one can hit you can you cannot hit anyone until you turn it on. What about griefing? Griefing is allowed on our server, we believe this gives a feel of risk when playing in the wilds and also gives players a reason to want to join or create towns. Rules? Our list of rules is very simple and reasonable. You'll follow all of them Just by using common sense and treating other players like you would want them to treat you. Please note bullying or harrasment is not tolerated on our server. I love the server, how can I help? The most help you can give us right now is to play on the server and enjoy yourself. We like nothing more than to see players having a good time so get out there and have fun! Thanks for taking the time to read this post. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask here or at See you in the game! -sConCraft team!
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Hi All, The server is now running 1.4.2 and has been very stable with it. Come in and join us for some fun :) Regards, webnoob
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Hi everyone, just an update to let you know we have now built our PVP ARENA! Check some screen shots here,TvJCp,Y2gI5 And type /warp pvp in game to go and test your mettle against the other players! See you in game soon! Tzenjin -sConCraft Team
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Correct link for pvp arena images,69n3B,TvJCp,Y2gI5
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Cheap Plots and Easy Donator Ranks! Getting a nice community going on sConCraft is our top priority. With this in mind for ALL new players who join the server you will have the option to purchase a town plot / house at a reduced rate which is easily attainable by voting on the site. This will allow new players to get a foothold on the server and have somewhere safe to store their goodies. On top of that, if you bring a friend with you and register on the website we will make sure you have houses close to each other (if you want) and also give you both the Donator rank. You can type /donator in game for a full list of goodies this offers but let me tell you, it's worth it. Getting started on a new server has never been easier when you get a nice promotion AND a cheap house. We look forward to seeing you in game. -sConCraft Team-
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Protect in Creative and FREE VOTER rank! Players like ranks and also like free stuff, SO: We have introduced a new way to rank up in game which gives you full donator permissions. By registering and voting on the website you will be assigned Voter rank without an admin needed to step in. Once you have been promoted you are free to make all your chests safe, lock your doors etc. We have also introduced Grief protection in Creative - Make something nice, keep it nice. We have given permissions for World Guard to ALL GROUPs in creative world. Full instructions are on the home page of the website. Lots of new developments happening in the world of sConCraft and more and more new people joining every day. Hope to see you soon. Regards, webnoob.