PC Minecraft server ------Eldercrest-------- Towny/MCMMO/Essentials/ Many more!

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This server is one of the best! We have Many Plugins! - Eldercrest - No Whitelist! 1000+ Slots. 24/7,No Lag Survival Server! Website - www.eldercrest.com Server IP - mc.eldercrest.com Teamspeak - voice.eldercrest.com Join us and start building today! Eldercrest is a server primarily based on Survival and Creaitivity. PvP is available for those who choose to enable it. We supply our players with basic tools, such as grief detection & protection, builder kits, and over 25+ plugins to help players enjoy their experience on Eldercrest. We have a diverse, community based, team of Moderators and Admins that striveto provide an enjoyable, helpful, and friendly atmosphere for everyone who joins our community. Rules: - This is a Survival Server, so don't expect anything to be handed to you. - Use LWC and Worldgaurd, or don't cry about griefs. - /kit builder for basic tools. - No griefing, we have logblock. - If you'd like to earn in-game money, do /jobs and find something suitable. - No spamming chat, advertising, or excessive Caps Lock. - Do not disrespect staff. - Do not ask/beg for free items or teleports. Plugins we use: Towny/mcmmo/EpicBoss/Essentials and Many more! Want more proof on how awesome this server really is? this server ROCKS been with it for 4 months have donated and will stay with the server and maybe donate again! - bucky4163 This is the best server ever! I have been on for about 6 months. XD I love it! - Zaridragonfly I love this server so much i donated Tons of times! Its the funnest server i have played on in a while. I donate my time into it because i love this server so much! - dhutch9702 I have been a mod for 4 months and am loving this server. Its pretty fun time killer. - Narwhal7474 Just amazing staff/community I love it! <3333 - Aidias
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Hey there! I;d just like to say that this place is a great server! I've had a great here so far...and I'm sure it can only get better.
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Hey i love the staff and the communityon this server everyone should join :D
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Thanks for your nice comments. Any improvements needed?
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Um no I just want to see more players on though.......
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Ok thanks for the suggestions!
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New updates >>>> Virtual chests,furnaces,workbenches, brewing stands and more! We have now for sale: World Edit: 80.00 Spell tier 1: 15.00 Spell tier 2: 15.00 Spell tier 3: 15.00 Legend: 80.00 Champion: 50.00 elder: 30.00 elite: 5.00 Many different donation ranks check this out for more: http://eldercrest.buycraft.net/
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Any signs of abusing W.E will result in the Privilege getting taking away. Just for future reference.
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New Things! wow this server really is great!
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Yup! Awesome!
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Wow! Nice job I really looking forward to the new plug-ins
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Wow! Nice job I really looking forward to the new plug-ins
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This plce has been increasing in epicness since I joined! My favorite part thus far are the EpicBosses
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This server has even more! All this new stuff keeps me coming back :D
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Epicboss is awesome, got owned by the zombie a few times though lol
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Server is absolutely incredible, dont pass this up guys.
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This server has Machinacraft! I love the drills! <3 I dont have to do a thing.
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I love the amount of things to do in this server. There's something to do for every player. And the donator perks are freaking awesome!
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Like I said before I love this server. The are a lot new players joining and we are getting a lot more plug-ins. Keep up the good work. :D
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Dude! We just got airships on the server! Boss.
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The airship plugin is so much fun! It's a great addition to the server.
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Can someone please tell me how to make an airship? D: I keep trying but it says I need more air or something like that. I just dont understand how to make it fly.
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You might need to add more wool to your airship, that could be why its not flying:) Server seems to be really growing, loving it :D
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Can someone please tell me how to make an airship? D: I keep trying but it says I need more air or something like that. I just dont understand how to make it fly.TMG_Ninja
There are always plenty of staff on the server to help you with any problems you have :)
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One of my favorite servers of all time. The community bolsters the experience even further.
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This server is amazing! The addons really add to the experience!
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Spleef is amazingly fun and addictive.
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Paintball is going to be incredible. Come check it out!
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Paintball is awesome...
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How do I make air ships? It says "I need more lift"
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This... Is.... AWESOME
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I just built an AWESOME house! You should come see!
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We just started the war! HUZZAH
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Raiding world is the bee's knees!
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The raiding world is epic! Come team up and kill some people!
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There needs to be more people in the raiding world. Come join me!
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Places to raid? My day is made. Eldercrest is fun. I LOVE IT a TONNNNN!
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This is awesome! I can't wait for halloween!
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Spleef world is awesome!
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i cannot wait untill 1.4 comes out ^^
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Agreed :D
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I don't want my mcmmo to get reset...
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Spleef > Paintball any day
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A proprer Gaming community!
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Unfortunately I think McMMO and money, jobs, etc will be reset, but it would be more fair to newcomers to get a little bit of an equal chance, ya know? AND you will be able to keep your stuff and buildings.
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McMMO is awesome..
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I just saw an awesome airship! It was purple and black and made out of iron or something!
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Where is the amazing ship your talking about tony?
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Could it be in the public docks?