Minecraft x-ray mod 1.5.2

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Download the latest minecraft x-ray mod 1.5.2 ,it works on new version minecraft 1.5.2 .X-ray mod 1.5.2 allows player to see where are hidden ore . This mod works like well know wall-hack in different games .This mod is totally for free no viruses inside or other suff :) so 100% and nice to use Key bind : X- x-ray mod L -full brihht V - Cave finder You can download this mod (x-ray mod 1.5.2) http://minecheats.com/minecraft-xray-mod-1-4-6/ Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvZoNph1HJ8&list=UUn05zWr7U3O5HAr4UZxXcBw&index=15 You can use x-ray mod for single-player and muilti-player , This mod works on cracked minecraft and on bought minecraft copy. Many who are started to uses this mod after 20 -30 min of using it got 20 stacks of diamond.
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