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-- Page is still under construction, so are the rules! Post any suggestions down here --EE = Removed! Hi guys, After having 3 servers running for Dayz, i am proud to announce we got 4 now. The fourth server is an Tekkit server running in Minecraft The Tekkit mods are several minecraft mods that are put together in one launcher. Our server enables you to do whatever you want. Build an castle, make an modern factory etc. We are going to set up several areas in the map. Like an medieval village, an modern village and many more. The roleplay aspect in the game is very important. We are having our own economy, jobs and other systems. Setting up an village will have it costs. Just as making it bigger. We will also be having factions. Just like the groups in DayzRP. To set up an faction, make an topic about it in the faction side in this forum. Factions can be in war, i will be making an special topic about that! You should follow the rules that are written in there. TS: (We can make a free teamspeak channel for you when your city reaches 4 people.) [size=4][color=green]IP:[/color][/size] http://www.dayzbrahs.de (Sign up for the forum and go to the minecraft section > General > Welcome to Minecraft > Reply with your name for the whitelist.!) [size=4][color=red]PvP = ON (Only in the wilderness!)[/color][/size] PvP is allowed outside the spawn area, and villages. Just as taking some hostage, how you are going to do that? Be creative! Unfortunaly there is no voice chat in Minecraft, but there is an local chat!


1. No griefing - Means destroying other peoples stuff 2. No stealing 3. You are in an RP server, so act like it. 4. Do not spam 5. Be nice to each other and respect everyone. Profanity and insults will not be tolerated. 6. When starting up an village/city. Be sure it is at least 3000 meters away from the spawn cathedral. And 2000 meters away from any other city. 7. Always plant back the trees you cutted in the Wilderness.

[size=1]Village rules[/size]

1. An village name must be somewhat normal. For example - Poopiedoopie town is not allowed. Something like Astengard for an medieval RP village is perfect! 2. Do not ruin the landscape - When setting up an quarry as factory village, make an special area for it. 3. Medieval villages are also allowed to have quarries. Though the fact they should be underground, invisible for the eye.


1 chunck = 16x16x256 Costs for making an new city = 10,000 gold Costs for 1 chunck = 15,000 gold Cost for setting up an faction = 100,000 gold Cost for setting up an outpost = 15,000 gold - The towny plug-in enables you to claim landscape, the commands will be in another topic. - Outposts are parts of town that are not directly connected to the other town chunks, this way you can make *for example* two watchtowers 300 meters further up the hill. Without connecting those to the other town chuncks. [img width=500 height=265]http://i46.tinypic.com/9t06z8.jpg[/img]


1 - Medieval Village - Astengard Village owner - Brobenada/Jaimy Faction - Yes/No/Neutral _________________________ 2 - *** Village - Alathar Village owner - Cyberdog (Arunce22) Faction - Yes/No/Neutral