Female Gender Option Mod 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.7.2

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Female Gender Option Mod 1.6.4

This mod is for my fellow female minecraft players! But this is not a girls only thing. This mod has the option to turn the player into a female while maintaining the minecraft style. The mod works in Multiplayer. Servers can set genders server-wide when using my Gender plugin for Bukkit.

Male: Just like normal Minecraft, but with the old hurt sounds!

Females: Are slightly smaller than males, have their own default texture, have their own hurt sound.

Children: Are smaller, and have their own default texture based on gender

Zombies: There are occasional female zombies that are just like the regular ones, they use the female model and have their own default texture

Options: Choose which female model to use for females, turn genders on/off, turn age on/off, turn on/off zombie genders, turn on/off the gender sounds

Download: http://www.5minecraft.net/female-gender-option-mod/