Clan HoA Minecraft server

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Hello Minecrafters, Looking for a dedicated server with an outlet for voice chat and a welcoming and social community? Then you should definitely consider joining Clan HoA's dedicated Minecraft server with much open space to build and a great social community to share the fun with. Look for the many undiscovered ores and caves in our fresh new map, or maybe you fancy a roller coaster for your back garden. So you're more of a co op survival guy? Then by all means take part in one of our MC Walls and Hunger games events. The best part is our server is fully dedicated and you are free to join at whatever time you want! We would love to see you on Minecraft and get to know you on TeamSpeak! If you are considering to join the clan here is the forums (You will need a forum account for applying to the clan) and here is a link to make your application (Don't worry if you don't get accepted the first time, we give you the chance to try again and maybe make improvements to your application) Thank You Very Much HoA MC Team
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We are looking into some interesting mods like Campcraft and MineZ! If you haven't applied to the clan yet then you might miss out on some of the fun so don't hesitate to apply :) All links needed are provided above, hope to see you on the server and have a good day.
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Good morning everyone, the server has just lost it's harbinger and though that is a bit sad, we have got a new one ad we are still running as usual, so don't hesitate to join up if you think you are interested :)
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If you would like to suggest some good MP custom maps, then please visit the forums and in the Minecraft section there is a thread regarding custom maps. Also, I would like to reach out to all who have not yet joined HoA and their MC dedicated 24/7 running server and welcome them to join if they are interested, all needed links are in the original post :) Thank You HoA MC Team!
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We have now got our new Harbinger GHoST_BaR!
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New event started on the server: Hunt for Santa!!!

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Admin applications are now being reviewed to become an admin :) Never to late to join as a member though as well, we would gladly welcome anyone to the clan and the Minecraft server!