Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing Cheats For Xbox

  1. Unlock Champ Mode

    Win the Gold Belt and defeat Mike Tyson to get the Champ Mode.

    Contributed by: SS3 Grown Trunks 

  2. Unlock Mike 2 Versions

    Win the Gold Belt to unlock Mike Tyson and to unlock the early version of Mike Tyson, Iron Mike, win the Mike Tyson Challenge.

    Contributed by: SS3 Grown Trunks 

  3. Codes

    Enter at the press start screen:

    Code Effect
    Down, Up, B, X 2-D Mode
    X, B, Up, Down Big Heads
    Right, Left, B, X Flat Mode
    X, B, L, R Platinum Mode
    X, B, Down, Up Small Heads

    Contributed by: Kilcrease 

Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing Cheats For PS2

  1. Unlockable Features

    Please do the following:

    Code Effect
    To unlock ''Iron Mike'' you have to beat ''Tyson's Challenge'', ''Iron Mike'' is Mike Tyson in his prime. A younger, better, undefeated version of Mike Tyson. Unlock "Iron Mike"
    You must win the Bronze, Silver and Gold belts to unlock all fighters. To unlock the Mike Tyson challenge you must defeat Mike Tyson in the Final Fight for the Gold Belt. Unlock All Boxers and the Mike Tyson Challenge
    To unlock ''Iron'' Mike Tyson for a One Player Game,you must win the Gold Belt. Unlock Mike Tyson For 1 Player Game
    To unlock Undisputed Champ mode, you have to beat Gold Title Belt mode. Undisputed Champ mode is where you see if you can beat all the boxers in the game in a three minute round each. Unlock Undisputed Champ Mode

    Contributed by: Loto 

  2. Unlock all boxers, arenas, game modes, and more...

    Enter any of the following codes at the ''Press Start'' title screen. Visible confirmation will be given when a code is entered correctly.

    Code Effect
    Square, Circle, L2, R2 Platinum unlock (all boxers, arenas, game modes, etc.)
    L1, R1, X, X, Triangle, X Additional custom boxer textures (brow styles, tattoos, etc.)
    X, Triangle, Square, Circle Unlock coder credies (I beleive this just changes the credits, but I didn't pay much attention to it)
    Square, Circle, Down, Up Small head mode
    Down, Up, Circle, Square 2D/flat mode
    Square, Left, Up, Triangle Super mutant mode (characters grow and shrink randomly)
    Square, Circle, Up, Down Big head mode
    Square, O, Up, Down Big Heads

    Contributed by: Scfkwoop