1 Great MK Game

Lets Start things off with the Roster of Fighters its great to see New Faces Like Bo Rah Cho Frost and Nitara all of them are awesome its also great to see Radien Scoripen Sub Zero All of them again and who can forget the gameplay just Addicting to say the least i mean what fun to play as these characters my personal faveorite is Sub Zero and most of the classic MK Fighters in this game but hey the new characters are awesome too so i guess it will appel new MK Fans And Old MK fans alike

Another thing about this game is the wepons can be used for stabbing and what a great use for that i always enjoyed stabbing my enimes in this game Especaily Stabbing Johnny Cage with Sub Zeros Sword thing was Fun just to get back at all those groin kicks that cage has given me in the past....

And a New Feature Konquest is Amusing and can get really hard sometimes but still enjoyable

and to unlock character you have to buy them is a Krypt? never understood that but it makes you want to play the game more so good move by the perople who made this game because they know people want to be Radien
Or Jax

Overall this game is great its just a mortal Kombat game that I Consider one of the best in the series