Mike Tyson Boxing Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Big Hands & Feet

    After choosing the World Option at the Main Menu, select the New Career Option. Then enter the following as your name. After entering the code, press Triangle instead of choosing End.

    Code Effect
    STUPID Big Hands and Feet
    BONGY Big Heads
    BINGY Small Heads
    OLD MAN Unlock John Sullivan
    GONE Unlock Invisible Man
    CLUBFUD Unlock Jimmy Flex
    NECK Necks Stretch When Punched
    HURTS Heads Spin When Punched
    OUCH Heads Grow When Punched
    NORMAL Disable All Cheats

    Contributed by: JChamberlin 

  2. Misc. Codes

    Code Effect
    At the title screen press Down, Up, Circle, Square 2-D Mode
    At the title screen press L1, R1, X, X, Triangle, X More Custom Boxer Parts
    At the title screen press Square, Circle, Up, Down Unlock Everything
    At the title screen press Square, Left, Up, Triangle Mutant Mode

    Contributed by: Morph TK