Good Game!

This is a good game coming from a great series, they are continuing to get good reviews with the games that are in this series but all in all I don't think that this is the best game in the series. It has good play and the game feels pretty good. The graphics are decent but they are no GT4.

The drive by's and the gang wars are interesting and bring life to this game but it didn't make me want to continue playing it. I just didn't feel the urge to play it like I did GTA3.

The levels are progressivly hard and I can get past them but not with enough eas as to not get frustrated as all get out. I think they set a couple of the levels just a tad too hard for gamers liking. Though, a great game if you are collecting the series, if this would be your first pick for buying a game I would go with the cheaper, GTA3 because that has to be the best in series, still.