Finally!!!! A brilliant Need for Speed. Awesome looksand great gameplay.

I used to HATE the need for speed series: slow boring cars, awful floaty handling and bland tracks. But this time everything's changed:
To start off with the typical tuner cars are gone, like the 206 (I hate to say it cos i own one, but cars like this one are rubbish for videogames) and are replaced with the Murcielago, SLR McLaren, 911, Vanquish.... MUCH better cars. You start off with less impresive cars like the Golf or Punto but you'll soon tune them into awesome beasts or sell them and get a Mustang for example.
The controls are also improved. Before the cars felt slow and floaty, they wouldn't react fast enough and it seamed they were floating rather than skidding while turning (in my opinion) BUT now the handling is tighter and with the slow-mo you can do stuff like change lane by going under a truck!
The tracks have been replaced by a huge a varied city with its motorways, hills, tight streets, strong curves, spaguetti junctions, train stations, ports, detours, golf club, etc..
Grafically its very good, not impresive BUT still very, very nice. The reflections on the car are great and the details on the road is heavy. The grafix are boosted up almost into trailer/movie quality when a cutseen comes up of your car jumping or getting into your start-line position.
The inclusion of cops adds a great amount of fun. You can dodge them by fighting through traffic, go through short cuts or, more importantly, by causing destruction like breaking a water tower or a sign or blowing up a petrol station.
The music isn't as memorable as the other nfs but it really sets the mood especially when running away from the police when the 'suspense' music comes up.
Overall, I love this game. Great fun to be had. Deffinately a must buy for anyone who likes driving games.