Impossible not to love!

This is one of the most magical games ever created. Shigeru Miyamoto is without a doubt the greatest video game creator of all-time!

First of all, perfect graphics, sound, gameplay, value, tilt, and everything else thats included in a game. There is so much to explore, and so many characters and enemies to fight.

This game is 100% a step-up from the first Pikmin game. Because the cute little creatures are back, with no time limit, and two new colors.

I fell in love with this game as soon as I saw the cover, no Gamecube game can possibly compare to this game. It's absolutely enchanting. There is lots of puzzles to solve with the help of the Pikmin.

So here's the story. When Captain Olimar returns in his ship, it appears that raving space rabbits have Hocotate Freight's shipment of Pikpik Carrots. So the company is debt 10 000 pocos! And there is only one way to repay it, go back to the Pikmin planet and collect treasure, but this time your taking a fellow named Louie with you.

There is a lot of interesting movies to unlock, especially the one about Louie, but I won't spoil it for you if you haven't seen it yet.

Well the last thing I have to say is, definitely play this game!, you cannot go wrong by getting this game. I guarantee it is impossible not to absolutely love this game. You'll love it, i'm pretty sure there nobody who hates this game, it will NEVER bore you! I think you'll find yourself playing this game for hours on end as soon as you turn it on.

Zaphack logging off!