This game brings in a good number of changes we wanted in RCT2, yet at the same time sticks with the old RCT style.

The first thing we got is the nice new menu, its a lot cooler looking then the last one. It shows scenes from the game as usual, only now they're still, and if you are looking at a scenario it will show you in game images of that scenario. When you first start up the game you’ll get to pick from one of a few options. The first is tutorial. This will run you thru the basics of the game, show you how to build roller coasters, and what all the graphs and charts mean, and how you can better use it all to benefit your park. I highly recommend that if you have never played a Roller Coaster Tycoon game before, or if it’s been awhile, that you run thru this tutorial. The next option is Career Mode. This is basically the classic style of RCT play. It gives you a list of scenarios, all varying in difficulty, and you have to go and beat them. The difference this time is each scenario has three levels you can beat it a; Apprentice (bronze), Entrepreneur (Silver), and Tycoon (Gold). The objectives for each level get harder and harder. Another big difference is you can achieve the objectives at any time, there’s not set time limit. Once you hit and objective, regardless of what level it’s at, it’s checked off your list and you’re one step closer to that level. As you beat each scenario on the higher levels you will unlock more and more scenarios to play, and beat. Another thing that is very helpful is you can ‘quit’ a scenario at any time, and it will be saved at that point under your profile. So if you get to Entrepreneur level and decide you want an different scenario, you just click the ‘back’ button and it brings you back to the scenario selection screen. You just have to be sure you save your profile then before you quit, or all your data on the scenarios will be lost. They also finally added a sand box mode. In this mode you have unlimited funds, and access to all the rides on the game. So you can build and build to your hearts content with no limits at all. You also get lots of guest really fast into your park, so that’s not a problem starting out either. It was almost too hard to keep up with all the guests flowing in. With in minutes of starting the sand box mode I had over 200 guests in my park. It was pretty crazy, but it ended up being really fun. There’s also the ability to play custom scenarios that either you, or another RCT player over the net built. This expands so much on the game since even after you beat it, you can still go out and about and get scenarios from others, or even make your own. If you hadn’t already guessed it there is a scenario designer that comes with this game, it lets you set the criteria for your game, build up the map/land for the scenario, and then send it all off you your friends, or find a site and put it up on there. In addition to the scenario designer there is also a ‘peep designer’. This lets you make your own peeps. You can either make a single peep, and group, couple, a family, anything you want. They will then make their way into your parks. You can also build your own scenery/buildings in the building designer. This makes it easy to get a cool looking castle, or a mansion, for any of your parks, and only have to build it once! Finally we have the coaster designer, which lets you build coaster that can then be put in the game by clicking on the button on the build coaster screen to use a pre-made coaster. Some other large changes are the 3D graphics. The game is now in full 3D. You can rotate the camera to any angle imaginable, and see your peeps, buildings, or coasters close up and person. You can even ride your roller coasters in first person view and get and idea of what your peeps actually go thru. Both of these things are very cool additions. I know I spent almost a half an hour just riding all the coasters in one of my parks, that’s how cool it is. I don’t know if I rode all of them because it was so cool and fun, or because it was, in fact, free, it was probably both! The game also cycles thru night and day, so now all those pointless lamps and lights from the other RCT games are no longer pointless and now serve the purpose of keeping your park well lit for all your guests. It even looks pretty cool when you get a big park to zoom out really far and night and look at all the rides and lights. Something else I thought was neat was you can design a custom fireworks show, and play it for your guests. You get a large list of fireworks to choose from; all costing only a few dollars, and then you organize them in the Fireworks MixMaster. If that wasn’t enough you even have the option of putting it to music, either a song already on RCT, or one of your own songs from your music folder. Then if you have a really cool show, you can save it for later! The changes to the staff are also pretty big. They’re no longer mindless people that roam your park, and work for a flat wage, in horrible conditions. They now get happy, content, mad, etc. If you have unhappy staff, you better do what you can to make them happy. This can come for a raise (yes, you now choose what to pay your staff), or you can even get them more training, so they’ll be more efficient. Or both! Usually being better at your job constitutes a raise, right? Guess it depends on the kind of boss you are. You will notice one odd staff member, called the park inspector. He’s the guy that goes around and tells you if peeps are having troubles getting to a ride, or to give you helpful hints, tell you if a ride is broken down, and anything else of that nature. All of the rides also got revamped, and look a lot nicer. There are also a few new ones you may even recognize from your local fair, or a large amusement park. Don’t worry though; the customization is still high with entrances, and colors of the carts, etc. Then the roller coasters are still built from scratch, with a few pre-built ones saved just incase you can’t quite get on built! On your shops you can now pick toppings or extra things for your food and drinks, like ice, or a lemon slice. Then you can sell those for a bit more then, say, the things with out ice, or toppings. You can, also, let your peeps decide what they want, and sell it all for one flat price. Overall, this game is absolutely amazing; it’s everything we’ve ever asked for from the RCT series all rolled into one amazing package, with a few extras we never even thought of. If you’re a fan of the RCT series, you can’t live without this game, or if you’re someone looking to get into the series, this would be the one worth starting off with. It’s sure to provide anyone with endless hours of fun.