a great game

i originally was lookin for mvp baseball 2005 @ eb games one day this past winter, but they didnt have it. so i saw this game and decided to buy it, seein that it was $10. i went home and played it and i love it. its an awsom game with great gameplay. i enjoy playin it, even today. i like how they have the franchise mode set up. it is the only thing i really do in the game. i like how there are injuries that can either hurt your team, or have no effect. the player trades are good, with realistic negotiations. if you have a player thats not good and your tryin to get a great player, the other team wont accept. i loved this game from the moment i first played it, and i still do. there are some downfalls, tho. one is the commentary. it can get old hearin the same things sometimes. as far as im concerned tho, this is the biggest problem. this is my review of mvp baseball 2003.