Has Anyone Had Trouble Getting Their Preordered Copy From Uplay?

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Has anyone had any trouble getting their Pre-ordered copy that is supposed to be in the game section of Uplay. There is supposed to be a download button in the game section of your Uplay to down load the game. I was wondering if the problem could be related to the hacking problem that Ubisoft experienced with the illegal hacking and downloading of Far Cry Three?

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It's because their autopatch isn't working. You have to go to ubisoft and download the 2.1 patch (depending on retail or digital, and where you are).


It's all here:




They say you have to uninstall and reinstall, but I didn't; I just installed the 2.1 patch over my 1.8 version.


The 2.1 patch contains Shades of Darkness. When it is finally installed, go to the unlock button on the main menu of the game after you start it, unlock Shades of Darkness and put in your key from the "your order" page on ubi's shop.


Good luck!

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Thanks for the info I was able to get the game downloaded and unlocked. Still haven't heard back from UBI. Jimb