very impressive graphics and music and the gameplay its just revolutionary i knew this game will be awesome LH Rocks!

its worth every penny and every hour waiting for this game to come out watching the videos wishing you alredy had it in your hands... its simple this game its the definition of interaction and consequence in gameplay often you play around in a game just killing everybody or destroying s*** around you to the point of boredom but not in this game every action has a consequence even if it is as little as not helping out an old man, as time goes by in the game you'll start to notice how people in the game change how the world changes and the coolest of all how your character morphs into something else to reflect your actions and how people react to your presence the only let down its the monetary system gold isnt really important on the game and earning its very easy kinda wish the story was longer but as short as it is its a ery good one, an impressive game by my standars of RPGs nice work lion head!