Midtown Madness Cheats For PC

  1. Helicopter View

    In order to get helicopter veiw you push the Camera button ''C'' until it is as if your in the car then push ''V'' once to see the side of the car. Now press escape and restart race. Now you should be back in the car. Press ''V'' and voila, you can see from a helicopter veiw. If you push ''C'' you can push ''V'' to go back to the Helicopter view.

    Contributed by: Kirby Freek 

  2. Easy Checkpoints

    Select the City Bus and go to a place where all A.I. will drive through. Wait for them to crash into you and then finish the race.

    Contributed by: Jobu Dudley 

  3. Passwords

    Type in the name when you start a new game:

    Code Effect
    Warp Eleven AI Faster
    Jet Planes All Airplane Traffic
    Tiny Car All Compact Car Traffic
    amizdA eoJ All traffic in reverse
    Showme Cops Display Police
    vaimpact VW Bug in Cruise Mode
    vasedans Generic Car (choose Cadillac)
    vavan Van (choose Ford F350)
    vadiesels Diesel Truck (choose city bus)
    vacompact Compact Car (choose VW Bug)
    vapickup Pickup Truck (choose Ford F350)
    vabus Alternate Bus (choose bus)
    vadelivery Delivery Truck (choose Ford F350)
    valimo Random Limo (choose Mustang GT)
    valimoblack Black Limo (choose Mustang GT)
    valimoangel White Limo (choose Mustang GT)
    vataxi Yellow Cab (choose Cadillac)
    vataxicheck Green Cab (choose Cadillac)

    Contributed by: Jobu Dudley 

  4. Cheat List

    To enter the following codes, you must press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F7 during a single-player game. An entry box will appear. Enter any of the following codes for the desired effect.

    Code Effect
    /nodamage Disables Damage
    /damage Enables Damage
    /dizzy Spinning Sky
    /fuzz Toggles Cop Radar
    /bridge Bridge Very Quickly
    /ufo Replace the Plane with a UFO
    /swap Swap the El Train with a string of 737s
    /slide Ambient Cars Have No Friction
    /grav Half Gravity
    /postal Horn Fires Mailboxes
    /talkfast Commentary Plays Fast
    /talkslow Commentary Plays Slow
    /big Big People
    /tiny Tiny People
    /nosmoke Turn Wheel/Damage Smoke Off
    /smoke Turn Wheel/Damage Smoke On
    /puck Player experiences no friction

    Contributed by: Jobu Dudley 

  5. Invisible Car

    Go to the farthest away view, push d,w,v,v,w,w. After that all you'll see is the shadow of the car.

    Contributed by: Jobu Dudley 

  6. All cars and levels

    Use the following command-line parameters to get the desired effect. (ie C:\Games\Midtown\midtown.exe -parameter)

    Code Effect
    -allcars All cars available
    -allrace All races available
    -allcars -allrace Both all levels and all cars available

    Contributed by: TagDaze14 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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