Innovating battle system, colorful graphics and deep charecters make up a overall average game.

In the newest installment of the Tales series you play as the usual hero characters. Most of the game is fairly easy or so you will find out..

The graphics are beautiful and the Voice Acting is not to bad, nothing special but its definitely not horrible. Some nice Animated cutscenes thrown in some times to spice it up.

But where the game really shines is the battle system. Its definitely not for anyone who enjoys the laid back wait your turn system that usually applies to old final fantasy games. It feels more like a fighter when you go into battle with the usual punches, kicks, throws, grabs and moving assigned to up + the O etc..

Unfortunately the game goes downhill from their with a story that is really nothing special aside from the beginning of the game. Thankfully this does not take out from the overall experiance way to much.

In my general opinion I would say that if your a big action RPG fan and / or like Tales games alot then definitly go for it. For the average RPG fan I may suggest going with Grandia 3 coming out soon. But still this is definitely worth the buy if you've got the money.