Lots of hack and slash fun along with free roaming.

This game is much better than I expected it would be. Alex Mercer is a highly addictive character to play in this hack and slash free roamer. Its amazing just how easy it is to get around and destroy your enemies. Running up buildings, jumping off and slicing through a helicopter is hands down one of the funnest things to do. Not to mention all you have to do is lock onto an enemy and get somewhere in proximity to the enemy and you'll automatically attack towards the enemy whether its a hit attack, or a grab, or a special attack. Its all relatively easy, but the enemies just keep coming, making the game action packed and allows to you try tons of different attacks, while at the same time racking up EP to buy new abilities and attacks for even more fun.
The game gets a little monotonous, but the action and free roaming really makes up for it. Its a little like Assassins Creed, in which you can choose which missions to take on, and develop the story line by absorbing certain enemies to develop your memory.
All in all, this game is great with a decent storyline that drives you to find out who and what you really are.