Microsoft Flight - Hawaiian Adventure Pack Cheats For PC

  1. Games for Windows Live Achievements

    Code Effect
    Earn gold on all Maule M-7-260C landing challenges. Maule M-7-260C Landing Master (50)
    Deliver cargo to Princeville Airport on the island of Kauai. Princely Cargo (20)
    Transport happy and satisfied passengers to Kahului airport on Maui. Maui Bound (20)
    Complete the Aerobatics Competition mission. Aerobat (40)
    Earn gold on all Icon A5 landing challenges. Icon A5 Landing Master (30)
    Earn gold on all RV-6A landing challenges. RV-6A Landing Master (40)
    Earn gold on Hilo, Windfarm, and Ford Island Gold Rush challenges. Gold Rush (40)
    Land at all military airfields in Hawaii. Military Brat (20)
    Land at all Hawaiian airports. Hawaii Explorer (50)
    Complete all Hawaii missions. Mission Accomplished (75)

    Contributed by: Guard Master