Meet the Anti-Far Cry 3, a First Person Open World Survival Game

User Rating: 9.5 | Miasmata PC
Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone made a science first-person game? Well combine Far-Cry 3 without violence and fighting with the massive world of minecraft and add science as well as the horror aspect of amnesia, you get this.Possibly the first game of its type, it is an absolutely magnificent game. Washed ashore on an abandoned island, you go to find the cure for the terrible plague you have, so you must find component X, Y, and Z. The first person aspect feels much more realistic than it is in other games, with you having to tilt your head down to see your hands. The design is very well done, as the graphics are beautiful. Beware though, this is a very demanding game, and will melt bad PC's practically. As the game goes on, the survival element turns up, because a horned cat begins to stalk you, and for miles on end. There is very little of a combat element, the only time there ever is one is when the creature appears, and attacking it does very little to nothing for you. The open world is amazing, and it feels like the island would go on the way it is without you. The story itself is somewhat weak, with very few moments where it is actually important. The best part about the game though is the science. You get to find plants on the island and then examine them, with a nice cut-scene of cutting the plant and then examining it under the microscope. You may then synthesize them into medicine, ranging from a weak painkiller to a powerful steroid that increases your stealth, stamina, and strength. There are many abandoned villages with research outposts where you can do this, and they all look amazing. For the price and instant popularity, this game is definitely going to be the first of a revolution of new types of games.