A great action platformer, but it's much too short.

User Rating: 8 | Metroid: Zero Mission GBA
I got this game becuase I really wanted to play the first metroid, (try and find THAT at your local gamestop) and I din't want to buy the GBA port, so I got this insted, and it's pretty good.

The good: The graphics are great for the GBA, the contoles are great, by the end of the game you feel nearly invincible, some awsome boss fights, you can unlock the origional metroid.

The bad: WAY to short, the levels without your suit are pointless and frustrating, some of the moves (The double jump in particular) are hard to do, has little replay value.

With the anounce of metroid: other M, I realized "Oh crap! I've never played a metroid game!" So I rushed to my computer and found this at gamestop for 9.99, and I thouhgt that was a good deal. I brought the game home and started playing in. . . . 3 and a half hours later, that's right, I beat the game in only three and a half hours, and that's only because I had to backtrack to get more power ups so I could beat this boss I was on, now don't let that turn you away, this is a very fun game.
It has great graphics for a GBA game, and the controles are very well done. That said, I had alot of trouble doing the double jump when I unlocked it, and once you beat the game, unless you want to go back and collect all the powerups, there's no real incesntive to play it again.

On one plus side all of the boss fights are fun and present a real chalenge. On another negative there is one portion of the game where your striped (He he) of your suit and have to run around with a dinky lazer pistol that can't do squat against your enemies, this segment is extreamly frustrating.
And on another positive note for all you nostalgia junkies, or prople who want to compare the two, you unlock the origional metroid upon beating the game. So overall this is a fun game, but don't expect an extreally long adventure.