This is one of the few games that is worth getting a gamecube for...or even a wii but gamecube way cheaper!

User Rating: 10 | Metroid Prime GC
There really isn't much that has to be said. PLAY IT! It's a masterpiece like eternal darkness is, or the remake for resident evil 1, it's one of those few games you can play over and over and still love every moment pretty much. I was pretty young when I played this hell, my brother original bought this and...he never finished it I had to because I fell in freaking all mighty love with this game, was so amazing, took my brother soooooooooo long just to finally finish the game at my begging as I knew he would love it but only finished it once I think if I am even right about that, I know I helped my friend beat this game, is a lot of fun just watching someone play it!

Sorry got side tracked, anyways the graphics are super awesome for the system it's one, even today the age is sure noticable but doesn't take away from the fun, in fact I think the resident evil remake looks better and plays better than the later games, it's one of those gems that will never be repeated due to greedy F tards like capcom/

Graphics perfect,
music pefect
gameplay perfect
blah blah blah rest is amazing, infinit replayability as far as I'm concerned the puzzles are fun to doa nd not too hard for anyone to figure out, though would have been neat if they changed puzzles due to difficulty but meh never bothered me just finish blowing stuff up!