An amezing game, a must try clessic!

DMC 3 is maybe my must beloved game of all time, it just delivers the goodies like it shuold!
gameplay is fest anf furyful, totaly hard boild action. extrmely fun to play!
besides exallent graphics and great soundtreck DMC 3 is just an never ending expirience, even after finishing the easy and normal difficaltis you'll stil want to play the higher levels and expirience the storyline all over again, over all. DMC 3 can easily steal about 100-150 hours of gameplay, and still, there is no chance you'll get bord.
DMC 3 is a must buy pice of high quallity action that just makes you come back and ask for more!
i also recomend for you all to wait for the SE of the game, that looks like it can get even better than the original game.