Metroid Prime Trilogy Cheats For Wii

  1. Hypermode Difficulty

    Code Effect
    Beat Metroid Prime 1 Hypermode (Metroid Prime 1)
    Beat Metroid Prime 2 Hypermode (Metroid Prime 2)
    Beat Metroid Prime 3 Hypermode (Metroid Prime 3)

    Contributed by: Nintenzoner 

  2. Fusion Suit in Metroid Prime

    Code Effect
    Beat Metroid Prime once and then purchase from the Extras menu Fusion Suit

    Contributed by: gules222 

  3. Metroid Prime Credits

    Completing in-game tasks will grant you credits that you can use to unlock content from the main menu. Each game has their own type of credits, as well as their own way to access them.

    Code Effect
    Defeat any boss Orange/Purple/Yellow Credits (MP1/MP2/MP3)
    Collect Artifacts or Keys or complete Log and/or Inventory Silver Credits (MP1/MP2)
    Scan objects and items that can be recorded in your log Blue Credits (MP3)
    Scan any creature that can be recorded in your log Red Credits(MP3)
    Vouchers sent from friends (Configure WiiConnect24 on Main Menu) Friend/Green Credits (MP3)

    Contributed by: LokkerG 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
Other Credit/Logbook Guide by BJ Myers 24K