great graphice,good gameplay,story? what? i dont hear you!

first thing first:
i have to say kill zone its a good game but its not what i was taught and its completely a normal game
i have nothing to say here because like always you have to save the world and its an old story but its enough for games like kill zone 2. when i hear the voice of the leader of enemys, it seems that he is hitler and act so close to him and sometimes you think: these soldiers are nazies that cames out of ground and weared new clothes and have new technologys, they're so close to nazie's in every thing and the story have nothing interesting at all,
its look good for the first time but when you spend more times you got that its slow like youre handling a tank not a soldier. its making the game hard when you have many targets to kill. covering system is good and the only problem is that sometimes its getting hard to cover because you are near of an object but you cant cover there! why? i dont know! and sometimes when you get cover, you cant see anythings, the enemy ai is great and they attack you in many different ways and they dont stop shooting you when youre in cover and its makes pushing enemys hard, number of enemy is good and you see many different enemy until the end of game and some of them are realy strong and hard to kill
its great and a complete 10. all the objectes modeling is great and shodow system is absolutely awsome and its make the map so dead and give the real feeling of a war zone. weapones are great and they have so many textures and its made them so real. maps are great and shodows and lights makes it brillieant. soldiers models are great and moves so close to real. facial emotions are good too, but it can be better. fires and blowups moment are great and have the real fire colors, buildings are destoyable but not like what you see in bad company. but i have to say they hade to made more different maps. theyre all the same maps with a little change like one have bridge other is close to sea,good but not enough and after playing it for 10 hours its realy get boring.
last word:
if you search for a new things in this game, you cant find anythigs but graphices. otherwise its a good shooter game and you can enjoy it for about 20 hours.