This game is so awesome

User Rating: 9.6 | Metroid Prime 2: Echoes GC
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes outruns the first by a long shot. It’s got greater graphics, weapons, and levels. This game is one of the best games of 2004.

This game begins simply enough. Samus Aran travels to planet Aether following a simple Galactic Federation directive to investigate a missing squad of troops. From here things aren’t so simple. Samus finds herself in the middle of war between light and dark, the Luminoth and Ing. The Luminoth are a benevolent, moth-like race that lives on Aether (the good guys). The Ing are a vile host of dark creatures who reside in an alternate-reality version of Aether known as Dark Aether (the bad guys). Soon, the mission to help her troops is put aside to save the planet of Aether from the Ing and to destroy Dark Aether to restore the once-tranquil planet back to the Luminoth. To top everything off, there’s a dark and evil version of Samus running around, causing havoc for everyone. Our favorite bounty hunter certainly has her hands full here.

This game has done an outstanding job putting the two worlds together. In the dark world you have to run from light dome to light dome trying to avoid the deadly atmosphere there. Until you get the light suit (your third suit) you won’t be able to walk around without getting damaged. In the light world you will be perfectly unharmed by the atmosphere. One problem is that you have to go to each world to affect something in the opposite world.

Metroid 2 has an assortment of new weapons. Some include the light and dark beams. The annihilator beam and the screw attack. There are also two new suits. The dark suit, which helps you become close to invincible to the atmosphere in Dark Aether, and the light suit, which makes you invincible to the atmosphere in Dark Aether.