This game made it so bad I can't play even older Metroid titles anymore!

User Rating: 3 | Metroid: Other M WII
This game is an abomination. From the bad voice acting that sounds like it's from a learn english program, to sub par gameplay, to crap and carp.

Metroid Other M is apparently the next Canon Metroid game and the prime series is not yet, things are clearly from prime in this game in many places.

Samus now has a voice actor and a very horrible story that you will need to lower your IQ to understand. The voice actor will lower it even more so be careful. It doesn't help that the director wanted the voice actor to talk in monotone learn english script reading style.

The game makes Samus look like an idiot For a game that is "canon" it does a good job burying half the cast or ignoring the other half. Samus is a bounty hunter that does not take orders but now takes orderd. The quotes in this game and how the story is told is nonsense. Random freeze ups during fights resulting in a few characters deaths, and having one of them just come back for a random reason in order for the ending to have a conclusion because if you even watch the ending, it will not make sense, and you will clealry see why they threw that in.

The combat is sub par, the locking and aiming is slow and clunky. Animations looke terrible and blurry.

A lot of familiar characters from the Metroid series appear in this game for no reason what so ever, and they had baby Ridley look like a Furby. The excuse for how Metroid had come back and how ridley came back is one of the worst excuses in gaming history completely rushed.

Music is decent but is put in all the wrong places. In game voice acting is horrible. The game is also very easy, posing next to NO challenge whatsoever, except for that secret boss you can get to after the ending that is there for no reason or explanation.

The characters are so badly written you would give nothing for them in any circumstance. Generic movie cliche actions like locking someone thoerugh a door to prevent them to stop a "hero" from sacrificing themself is just horrible.

The Main villain in the game is also badly written. it takes till the end of the game to really see that they had no idea what they were going to do with this character. The game was clearly rushed for some odd reason.

I would advise caution, and rent if you really want to play it.