Even though it doesn't top the Prime series, this is still worth a buy.

User Rating: 8.5 | Metroid: Other M WII
The last time we saw a non-first-person Metroid was Metroid: Zero Mission for the GBA and this is Samus' latest third person adventure. Set in the Bottle ship you discover who everyone is and wipeout the Mother Brain just like Metroid, Super Metroid and Metroid Zero Mission. Team Ninja have done their best on this one and while it's not as good as the Prime series it is a worthy game that will fit your Wii library nicely. Presentation is good with a fitting tutorial that manages to pack in a lot of new moves and some fantastic take down sections added in as well as a new strafe mode. The first peson hasn't been scrapped though, some sections require you to shoot targets to unlock a door or kill enemies with more accuracy. The problem is you can't move when in this form and you will become a sitting duck. You can perform the old moves such as grappling and of course the morph ball. The graphics couldn't get any better, detailed, rich atmosphere makes this game a pretty game. Team Ninja really put some care into the visuals instead of just dumping some nasty looking textures into the game. The controls are a major problem for me, controlling samus with the Wii mote alone just doesn't work out for me but shooting and turning into your morph ball was ok. The cutscenes look stunning and capture the old Metroid feel that everybody knows and loves. Another thing that was a problem for me was the boss battles, I didn't hate them but I didn't like them either. I just wasn't used to third person bosses after playing Prime 1 which had first person ones. There are a lot of thinking puzzles in this game which I really enjoy because they require strategy and heavy thinking to figure out the solution to the problem. Metroid Other M is a tremendous game, with stunning graphics, satisfying puzzles, awesome cutscenes, decent presentation, sublime formula and overall an excellent game but those controls and the boss battles left a bad taste in my mouth but if you can ignore these then it is a great game and if you can't it's still a great game. Buy it straight away.