This is a decent entry in the long running Metroid series, and this shows where Nintendo wants to take the series.

User Rating: 8.5 | Metroid: Other M WII
The Highs: Good gameplay, decent story and voice acting, best graphics of any Wii game, searching for items is very rewarding, excellent post-credits gameplay and story, just a lot of fun.

The Lows: Some very cheesy dialogue, throw-your-controller-at-a-wall difficult, unskippable cutscenes, cheap deaths, overpowered bosses.

The Verdict: Probably the most underrated game of all time.

The Metroid series has been with us for almost 30 years now, and it is one great series that has stood the test of time. It has been thought that this would be another "kiddie" Nintendo series when it all began back in 1987, attracting both kids and adults. Over the years, the Metroid series has become more for adults, as with series main character Samus Aran, the 6-foot, blonde haired bounty hunter that kills evil aliens and saves the galaxy time and time again, this shows that Nintendo wants the series to compete with the big-name M-rated franchises, such as Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Dead or Alive, etc. And that is what Metroid: Other M is. This game shows what Nintendo wants to do with the Metroid series: Attract more hardcore gamers that have interest in T and M-rated games. Other M is a far cry from past Metroid games, but it is still a fine game in the series. It has some good ideas, it's creative, and the plot leaves you guessing until the very end. Other M is the sequel to the 1994 megahit Super Metroid and prequel to 2002's Metroid Fusion in the series timeline. In Other M, you are sent along with military troops to investigate an abandoned research facility that is littered with dangerous creatures and possibly a Mother Brain clone. Other M has different sectors to explore like in Metroid Fusion, which has different testing enviroments to breed different creatures and what have you. After you've completed the game, there is a post-credits mission that lets you have the chance to get 100% completion and has one more boss in the game. When it comes to gameplay, it is third-person and when you want to use missiles, there is a first person view where you can use it. To play, you hold the Wii remote like an NES controller and you tilt it forward to enter first-person mode to scan and use missiles. It may take a while to get used to the controls, but these controls and the gameplay are all very solid. The graphics are the best on the whole Wii. There is so much animation during the actual game, and the cutscenes have Xbox 360-like animation. It almost looks realistic when it comes to graphics. Other M does have it's flaws, however. Even though most of the story, voice acting, dialogue and cutscenes are all fine, there are some extremely cheesy moments that will make you wanna do something else instead of watching. But if you're going to let that get in the way of a very good game, you're making a big deal over nothing. Just stick with the game and you'll eventually find out that it's worth sitting through and very rewarding. Remember that Patience is a virtue. In terms of difficulty, this is the hardest Metroid game because the challenge is FOR REAL. When Other M came out, critics loved it, but the fans hated it because of Samus' backstory and some other things. This game may go down in history as the most hated game Nintendo has ever released because not since Resident Evil 5 have I seen one game get so much hate. But don't take their opinion on Other M. Take my opinion, because I will always be right when it comes to recommending games like Metroid: Other M. The tragedy about Other M is that it isn't a bad game. It's actually a very good game. Overall this is one game that's totally worth checking out and you'll find out that there is more to like about Metroid: Other M then there is to criticize.