Length aside Metroid Fusion is one of the best games you can ever find on a hand-held system.

User Rating: 9.5 | Metroid Fusion GBA
Now, I'm going to use the Pros & Cons System this time, so enjoy reading, and a thumbs up would be very nice of you. Thank you.

Metroid Fusion was the first Metroid game on the GBA and it is one of the best GBA and hand-held games out there today so if you're into 2D Platformers or Sci-Fi Adventure or Platforming or both, then take my advice and get this game because this game is awesome that is if you can bear some of the flaws. To know these flaws and the good things too, please read on;


1. Brilliant setting and story. Great enemies and the bosses are very creative and very challenging. Trust me, you will see 'Game Over' at least a dozen times or even double of that.

2. Great arsenal of weapons and great power-ups. They really spice up the gameplay.

3. Superb platforming sequences that don't get frustrating but aren't easy also, so the platforming is neutral although some parts might get annoying, but this rarely happens, rarely.

4. Navigation Room is a great addition and gives great info and direction of all the 6 Sectors you are in.

5. The main enemy that turns to your friend in the end is great, one of the best in any game. The SA-X (Samus Aran-X). It is an X Parasite that is like a colen of Samus. The moments when you see it bu it doesn't see you or you're in the same room but it doesn't know are nerving and the parts when it chases you are exciting and thrilling, some of the best in any game. There is alot of fun and excitement in this game and that really makes it even more engaging.

There are still other things, I'm sure, but I can't really remember all and some aren't that important but these are the best things and the most important so just know that. Now onto the Cons;

1. Too short. You will finish it in at least 5 hours maximum but if you complete everything amaybe 1-2 hours extra time. So the length is its weakest point. Every Metroid Platformer I know is short.

2. The difficulty can get a tad bit annoying and frustating at times but the Pros over-shadow this.

But nothing will over-shadow the length which you will really be angry about, because once things get interesting it just ends and you just stare at the screen and you don't believe it, you can finish it in one sit-in. But length aside this game is awesome and is a must have for every Metroid fan and Plaformer fan or Sci-Fi Adventure/Platformer fan.

Thank you for reading.

Reviewer: (spooky102)
Score: 9.7/10