If you enjoyed Metro 2033, both the book and game, you'll love this one too.

User Rating: 10 | Metro: Last Light (Limited Edition) PC
This is what I call a great game. A game you won't easily forget. It's a game that will stay with you forever. The game is based on the Novel "Metro 2033" and, if you read the book, you'll be impressed by the accuracy of the depiction. The metro stations are depicted how I pictured them while reading the novel. You'll be impressed by the graphics. It's truly amazing how everything is superbly drawn. The characters, the monsters (really scary), the creepy tunnels are magnificent. The water drops on your gas mask, the way you have to wipe it off once and again, well, everything looks grand. You're Artyom and not, after having killed the Dark Ones in the first game, you must repay for your mistake. After many turns of events, after fights both in the Nazi station and Communist one, at the end you'll be guided by a Dark One child whom you can communicate with and you'll sacrifice yourself for the good cause. I won't spoil the story for you, but I truly advise you to play this game. The soundtrack is enthralling and the environment sounds are believable. And the beasts' roars really freak you up.