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if I should get this for ps3 or pc , I herd the ps3 version looks great and runs smooth an I rather my big tv Gamespot review is only for pc version has anyone played ps3 version and tell me if it has any major problems Ive been duped before with skrim on ps3 and no reviews mentioned it dont wanna go through the same mess

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same here i want to know as well???

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ign review says the game has screen tearing and other tech issues especially on ps3,vid is up on youtube man I might just stick with pc version not sure yet

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All signs point to "Avoid Last Light on PS3" from the reviews I've seen. ReV3 Games in particular called out the PS3 and a bad choice in their video review.
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thanks man , looks like I'll just get it on pc then least I'll save 10 bucks 

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lol @ the signature picture.