Will it support 3D Vision?

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Metro 2033 was an exception to my rule of gameplay over atmosphere. I had fun playing Metro 2033 just because of the visuals and story telling, but much of my enjoyment came from it being the first real 3D first person shooter I played as well.

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Yes, the description on Steam's store says it will. Hope it's as good as the 1st in terms of everything working well. I just hope I can get a decent framerate as I did with 2033.
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I tried it last night and it's great like 2033, but I only got 24-30 fps with my poor 580 at 1680X1050. Of course, that's with everything else turned up... aside from SSAA, which is off, and AA at the lowest (4X). I might try it out at 1400X900, or possibly just play it in 2D.